• winkelen den haag haarzuiver1
  • winkelen den haag haarzuiver1
    Haarzuiver is one of the two hair salons in the Netherlands working exclusively with natural and environmentally friendly products. You will get personal advice corresponding with your wishes and style. If you want a different hair colour you can get one by means of our 100% natural colouring products. This is also the perfect place for a personal colour and styling advice session. At haarzuiver you can enjoy a natural experience with a modern twist.

    Ranging from hair healthcare products to herbal tea and organic coffee, everything revolves around natural and environmentally friendly health and skincare. No perm, only coupe soleil. The staff really takes their time for you.

    Haarzuiver is a modern salon. The atmosphere is very relaxed due to the calm music: classical, world music, jazz and vocal. Haarzuiver attracts a diverse public. Customers from all age groups wanting a natural hair treatment.

    There are 15 other similar natural salons in Holland. Haarzuiver is the first and largest in The Netherlands (since 1992). The natural colours and products are also suitable for pregnant women, people with allergies/eczema, sensitive individuals and (ex)-chemotherapy patients. The products used in the salon are also sold separately for private use. Haarzuiver has flexible opening hours but works by appointment only.

    Oliebe (especially for Pure Hair imported from Germany), Pure series Hairgum, Lavera, Logona, Sante.