Hardies Mode
Den Haag, Frederikstraat

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  • winkelen den haag hardies mode
    Hardies offers a wide and exclusive collection of fashion and haute couture, ranging in size from large to small, without age limits and catering to all styles and flavours. Furthermore, Hardies has its own line of couture and a wide selection of evening wear. This enable you to find the right outfit for any occasion.

    The store is divided up into three sections: exclusive high end brands, young and professional, and thirdly, the outlet. This allows Hardies to fulfill anyone’s wishes. And just in case you are unable to find that perfect item, Hardies is more than willing to make it for you.

    Hardies always gives its customers a warm welcome. The store is spaciously decorated, spread out over more 550 square metres, which provides a great overview of the expansive collection. You can look around at your own pace, but there is always someone standing by to provide professional advice. Dutch celebrities have discovered Hardies already, and they tend to drop by regularly.

    Hardies has a website that allows you to take a virtual tour. This way, you can take a sneak peek at what Hardies has to offer, without ever having to leave the house. You can take a look around the different sections to get an overview of the extensive collection.

    Valentino, Ferragamo, Missoni, Celine, Escada, Rena Lange, Anne Belin, Roberto Cavalli and many more.