heden kunst van nu
Den Haag, Denneweg

  • winkelen den haag heden den haag
  • winkelen den haag heden den haag
    The offering of Heden consists of art loans for consumers. The multi-faceted offering consists of contemporary art: paintings, ceramics, photography, objects d’art et cetera. From 6 euros per month you can rent real art here! After you’ve rented a piece for a while, you can decide whether you want to buy it. Furthermore, you can exchange things easily here, to give your interior a different accent every time.

    Almost all of the art on display here can be rented or bought. Besides this, there are about 10 expositions a year by both artists from the Hague and international artists. From photography to paintings.

    Heden on the Dennenweg (one of The Hague’s most beautiful streets) looks great, is very accessible to anyone and looks like a gallery. Because of its accessibility, it’s the type of place you have to visit occasionally. You may visit it online at www.heden.nl.

    Heden started in 1972 as Artoteek The Hague. In recent decades, Heden developed into a full arts centre. The hiring and selling art to individuals and companies remained our core business in all these years. Besides, Heden increasingly focused on making exhibitions, organizing residencies and developing education.

    Gift-subscriptions are sold here too. For 72 euros, you can give someone an exceptionally original gift this way: the recipient can now rent art for free for a year!