hifi studio Wilbert
Utrecht, Centrum

  • winkelen utrecht hifi studio wilbert
  • winkelen utrecht hifi studio wilbert
    This store is the place to be for high-end audio and video solutions, including amplifiers, cd and dvd players, speakers and accessories, intended for people who value music in their lives.

    Hifi Studio Wilbert’s collection is unique in terms of size and quality, and furthermore, they have the in-house knowledge and expertise to make sound systems perform at their best in any location, which includes your home. They always give the right advice, allowing you to enjoy music and sound in the best way possible.

    The store’s interior is modern and minimalistic. It has a casual, comfortable atmosphere, and obviously, the background is always filled with great sounding music. Furthermore, the store has four large listening rooms where customers can listen to music in peace.

    Hifi studio Wilbert started 35 years ago with the intention of selling high quality audio in Utrecht.

    Audio Physic, Avalon, Densen, Primare, Spectral, Bowers & Wilkins, Meridian, Pass Labs, Quad, Pioneer plasma, Martin Logan and Arcam.