Highschool Cafe
Haarlem, Kleine Houtstraat

  • winkelen haarlem highschool
  • winkelen haarlem highschool
    Highschool Café is a small denim shop for “little adults”. You will find hip children’s clothing, including jeans, tops and other fun items like shoes and accessories, all in a cosy environment where there’s always a cuppa waiting for you!

    The shop has a cool appearance. One will find a combination of fantastic brands which are constantly updated to satisfy all needs. We’ll always try to find that right piece of clothing, even it’s not in stock. We also have the perfect jeans for “young ladies”, because it can be quite a hassle to find the right pair at that age.

    Highschool Café is made for kids. There is a relaxed atmosphere, and both parents and children will feel at home. Kids can enjoy the Wii on our flatscreen, whilst their parents look for some clothes at ease. The abundance of windows gives the shop a light and spacious ambience.

    The website www.highschoolcafe.nl will go online soon. Here you can order all items sold in the shop.

    Boys: Scotch & Soda, Vingino, Rare, Datch, Imps & elfs, Ed Hardy. Girls: Fornarina, Nolita, Rare, Datch, Lola Amor, Isla Ibiza, Vingino, Imps & elfs, Ed Hardy Accessories: Shoes, Diggers, Buddha to Buddha, calling Cowboys, Muchachomalo, Vingino underwear.