• winkelen den haag hmiss
  • winkelen den haag hmiss
    Hmiss is the young sibling of Hardies, which is also situated on the Javastraat. The owner found that there was a need for affordable quality brands for young and young-at-heart ladies. Especially those brands have been found for you after a long search, and you can find them at Hmiss!

    Hmiss is a fashion store that’s easy and accessible. Some of the brands on display here are Valentino red, Moschino love, Escada sport, Sem Per Lei, Angelo Marani,Tricot chiq. These are all top brands with a long tradition and high quality. You’ll also find them in big fashion magazines. Hmiss certainly lives up to its reputation here.

    Service is friendly, outgoing, and helpful to anyone who visits this store. And… If you can’t find what you want at Hmiss, no problem – perhaps Hardies has what you need. After all, it’s “The girl next door”!

    Tricot chic, SemPerLei, Giovane, Luisa Spagnoli, Salvadore Ferragamo, Michael kors, Friis & Company , Dolce & Gabbana, Love Moschino and Valentino Roma.