• winkelen nijmegen hue
  • winkelen nijmegen hue
    You’ll find a diverse collection of women’s fashion, bags, belts, and flip-flops during the summer, including products manufactured under the house label. The collection is varied and its items are easily co-ordinated with one another. This store is the place to be for a complete outfit.

    Hue is a store for both the younger trendy girls as well as middle-aged ladies. Especially the house label is very popular. The simplicity of the clothes makes them wearable and suited for everybody. It are the small details that make the clothes special. When you buy something in this store, you know it’s not a mass product. Both the clothes from the house label and those made by other brands are exclusives, truly special. The staff is clearly interested in fashion and it shows. They love to give you advice and help you make your choice.

    The store is simple decorated, yet classy, trendy and stylish.

    Hue Tran started her store, because she knew it would be an asset to Nijmegen in terms of innovating, trendy brands. She is a designer herself, and this store offers her the perfect opportunity to promote her own brand and generate some name recognition.

    House label Hue Tran, and furthermore Isabel Marant, French Connection, Laundry Industry, Bruuns Bazaar, Drykorn, Humanoid.