• winkelen amsterdam il putto
  • winkelen amsterdam il putto
    This store offers a large collection of jewellery, both vintage and new, as well as a wide variety of antiques.

    Il Putto exclusively offers top quality items, crafted with the utmost care. They only sell gold and platinum jewellery. Owner Ronald Chong runs the store together with his mother and considers it a challenge to find the right items, ones that match his collection, which is not an easy task. It is obvious that his collection is composed with a great deal of care and an eye for quality.

    The store has a streamlined, yet classic ambience. The atmosphere is usually described by customers as cordial. It is a store with an international appeal. Customers hail from many different countries.

    Chong noticed that Amsterdam has a need for more extravagant jewellery of high quality and at an honourable price. This discovery and his personal passion for beautiful, exceptional jewellery, sculptures and antiques prompted the idea to start his own store with this very formula.

    The store has no ties with manufacturers and it therefore only sells items that they deem suitable for their collection.