In de Ban van de Ring
Rotterdam, Witte de Withstraat

  • winkelen rotterdam in de ban van de ring
  • winkelen rotterdam in de ban van de ring
    This store designs and sells the most beautiful jewellery of precious metals like platinum, gold and silver. They are warm, bright, timeless and nostalgic. Also, the employees often use special gems in the jewellery and the store often has a number of collections of exclusive brand jewellery on display. In de Ban van de Ring specialises in wedding rings and it likes to see the bride’s wishes as well as the groom’s wishes reflected in their rings.

    The gold smith is located in a characteristic 19th century building. The team consists of owners Diana van der Wal and Marleen Mol and two other professional gold smiths. Character, warmth and purity are words that are of great importance to this team of professionals. They form the central theme throughout the business. The choice for the Witte de Withstraat was a conscious one. This street is bustling, day or night, and it is Rotterdam’s cultural main street, housing leading galleries, stores and restaurants. A beautiful, inspiring place that will certainly speak to you, the customer!

    Nearly 10 years ago, Diana van der Wal and Marleen Mol started In de Ban van de Ring in a loft. Because their desire to create their own collection had grown, they started looking for a different location. After thorough research, this warm little building on the Witte de Withstraat was chosen.

    In de Ban van de Ring is also the right address if you’re looking to have your own jewellery design realised. The store’s philosophy is that jewellery is personal and should underline the wearer’s character. Jewellery is designed in close co-operation with the customer, paying close attention to his or her wishes.