• winkelen haarlem izza
  • winkelen haarlem izza
    Although this store has been renamed (it used to be called Kraal & Co.), it has happily remained unchanged otherwise. The place is still a Walhalla for jewelry and beads. Beautiful bracelets, necklaces, and earrings adorn the store. You can choose from pre-assembled collections, but it may be even more fun to compose your own unique piece. Here, you’ll get all the necessary materials such as thread, locks, pincers, etc. Of course, the staff won’t hesitate to offer their services when you’re unsure of your next move. Besides that, you’ll also find an extensive collection of lifestyle items and accessories.

    There is an excellent balance in making and/or buying your jewelry here. The collection of accessories and lifestyle products is also extensive. You can get inspired for living and fashion here. The target audience is between 12 and 45 years of age. Young girls, ambitious women, and moms – all fashion lovers with an eye for detail are welcome here!

    The store has a fresh and trendy appeal, as it is delightfully well-lit inside. The decoration is cozy and trendy, and very colorful because of all the jewelry and beads. The environment is very pleasant; no cars are allowed in the street, so you can take a lovely stroll and enjoy the rest of the beautiful stores in the street and neighborhood.

    You can attend a workshop here with friends or colleagues. Creating your own pieces, working together with beads, enjoying your time while being creative – or learning a new technique; it’s all possible here. There are workshops for kids too. Feel free to contact us for more information.