Jafs Beads 4 U
Den Bosch, Centrum

  • winkelen den bosch jafs beads 4 u
  • winkelen den bosch jafs beads 4 u
    The collection is comprised of approximately 5000 different beads and parts, made from glass, wood and metal. Other items include swarovski adhesive stones, beads and precious stones, as well as exclusive, home-made jewellery.

    JAFS BEADS 4 U offers a great diversity of beads, including home-made, and therefore exclusive and unique, beads. It is also the place to be for cash & carry purchases. Which means that large quantities are sold at reduced prices. This store still pays tribute to the adage ‘the customer is king’. Honest advice is always based on your own creativity and wishes.

    The store’s atmosphere has served as its business card for years. It has a warm and cosy, almost homey atmosphere. You will feel at ease immediately. The service is always friendly.

    After trying a number of things for a couple of years, including organising children’s parties, giving workshops and a variety of subjects and a business in hobby equipment and jewellery, five years ago Ashley de Mug finally decided to start a bead shop.

    JAFS BEADS 4 U also hosts courses and workshops on how to make your own jewellery and unique glass beads. Bachelor parties and corporate workshops are also option, which can be held on location if necessary.

    Swarovski, Jolie, UOMO&DONNA watches.