Janssen en Reijgwart
Amsterdam, Prinsen- & Herenstraat

  • winkelen amsterdam janssen en reijgwart
  • winkelen amsterdam janssen en reijgwart
    This hair salon obviously offers great haircuts or dye jobs, but it also has an extensive collection of care and styling products.

    Individuality is key with Janssen and Reijgwart. The ‘Zeitgeist’ is important, but in no way conclusive. They don’t focus on short-term trends, but offer future oriented advice on styles, colours and products.

    The salon is best described as contemporary, independently minded and original. Furthermore, the atmosphere is very pleasant, one that will put you at ease almost instantly. Because the client often finds himself in a position of vulnerability, the atmosphere was deliberately designed to be relaxing, allowing you and the professionals to come to the right diagnosis together.

    The versatility of the collection allows for the possibility to meet your needs as specifically as possible. Your wishes can often be fulfilled in more than one way. Furthermore, every single product is carefully screened before it is allowed into the collection

    Rusk, Denman, Comair and Topturbofohns. Wahl clippers.