Jeroen Besseling Couture in Leer
Alkmaar, Centrum

  • winkelen alkmaar jeroen besseling huis met de gondel
  • winkelen alkmaar jeroen besseling huis met de gondel
    The most eye catching piece in this leather fashion store lies in the Fnidsen: the beautifully restored Venetian gondola. A beautiful picture of the exotic, elegant style that makes this fashion store so interesting. Owner Jeroen Besseling has been crafting the finest custom tailoring for 25 years, using the most exotic materials. Don’t be surprised by cow skin colberts, a skirt imprinted with famous headlines or a ticket pocket made of fish leather. Ideal tailoring, virtually always done by Besseling himself.

    The beautiful suède jackets last for so long that Besseling sometimes doesn’t see even his most enthusiastic customers for years! Besseling himself has become an icon for style to his customers, which also come for beautiful accessories such as knitted shawls made of rabbits fur and capes made of fox fur.

    When visiting here, the exotic materials will catch the eye immediately. Besides this, the designs are remarkably forward thinking: because all lines emerge from home production, the Huis met de Gondel often leads current trends.

    Owner Besseling organizes weekly canal tours with his sleek gondola and had gondoleers specially trained for this. Definitely worthwhile. Check out the website (link) for a number of impressions of his collections.

    In a modest building in Alkmaar, owner Besseling started selling exclusive foreign clothes in 1979. Soon he discovered that the most specific wishes could be best fulfilled by himself. He started his own atelier, and moved his store to a historic building on the Fnidsen canal, a short walk away from the world famous Alkmaar cheesemarket.