Kaashuis Tromp
Amsterdam, Utrechtsestraat

  • winkelen amsterdam kaashuis tromp
  • winkelen amsterdam kaashuis tromp
    This is the place to be for Dutch cheese in all its varieties, as well as for wide selection of foreign cheeses, from every country in Europe. The collection is complemented by a number of wines, and luxurious breads are baked daily.

    Kaashuis (“cheese house”) Tromp makes it very difficult for its customers to make a final choice. The delicious cheeses appear to reach out to you, and if you’d take every single one of them home if you could. The atmosphere is warm and the service is impeccable. They constantly feature new items and they’re always happy to give you great advice.

    Both the store’s interior and exterior are dominated by cheese. It is filled from top to bottom with the finest of cheese delicacies in a modern, streamlined atmosphere. Conviviality plays a great part in this, something that is amplified by the lack of counters.

    The collection of more than 250 foreign cheeses draws in a crowd of connaisseurs from the greater Amsterdam area.

    After working in a fresh foods department (cheese, bread and nuts) in a large supermarket for 20 years, owner Henk van Kol felt it was time to narrow his focus.

    The cheese house exclusively sells Beemster cheeses under the Smaaq label and the farmers’ cheeses are all made in the province of Zuid-Holland and bought from small scale farmers.