Kaatje aan den Rein
Den Haag, Centrum

  • winkelen den haag kaatje aan den rein
  • winkelen den haag kaatje aan den rein
    This interior and gift store is sure to have a suitable gift for anyone. For your hip girlfriend, your grandma, but also that cousin that really only wants to play on his computer. Besides an extensive collection of remarkable toys, like construction boxes, games and kites, Kaatje aan de Rein also offers pottery, books, original baby shower gifts, refrigerator poetry, bags in all shapes and sizes, funny gadgets and joyful cuckoo clocks, to name a few.

    The store is just a little different from most other gift stores. The collection is constantly changing, so there is always something to discover. Due to the collection’s versatility, you can feel confident that you´ll find a suitable gift here, even if you walk in around half past 5. Particularly the games and the toys are worth your while.

    Kaatje aan de Rein is welcoming store in a real shopping street, where, besides other special stores, bakers and butchers are located as well. Service is one of the store´s focal points.

    The Christmas market, held annually from the start of November until Christmas, is always very popular. During this market, you can walk around ´Kaatje´s Wonderland´ and be inspired for the holidays and of course get the coolest gifts.

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