Kemper Fietsen
Den Haag, Zeeheldenkwartier

  • winkelen den haag kemper fietsen
  • winkelen den haag kemper fietsen
    Looking for a great fold-up bicycle? Stop by Kemper Fietsen in the Hague. They started selling fold-up bicycles over 20 years ago, and since then it has come to be their specialty. They also offer bicycles by the main brands Giant, Batavus and Gazelle. Electrically supported bicycles are also available, particularly by Flyer, Giant and Simplex. The latest addition to the collection the brand known as Bulls, offering a very competitively priced mountain bike, composed of high-end parts. Be sure to check out www.elektrischefiets.nl as well.

    Kemper Fietsen is one of the few stores in the area that offers a collection of fold-up bicycles of this size. The store has managed to build up quite the reputation over the years. The large clientele appreciates the great service and the expertise. The fold-up bicycles are ideal for commuters who travel by train and want to complete that last couple of miles on their bike. They are also perfect for people whose homes offer limited storage, who like to go boating or take out their caravan and still want to be able to use their bike.

    The store is open because the workshop is located at the front. This involves the customer in the services offered by Kemper Fietsen. The clientele is very diverse. Parents come to buy their son or daughter their very first bicycle, pensioners stop by for an electrically supported bicycle.

    Kemper Fietsen does not participate in the city-wide evening business hours, so be sure to keep that in mind! Due to the proximity to the city ring, the store is very accessible. The bike path on the Waldeck Pyrmontkade offers great access as well.

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