De Boekenberg
Eindhoven, De Bergen

  • winkelen eindhoven kinderboekwinkel de boekenberg
  • winkelen eindhoven kinderboekwinkel de boekenberg
    In this children’s bookstore you’ll find books for kids of age zero to sixteen. Besides the ‘average’ reader, De Boekenberg also caters to primary and secondary schools, toddler playhouses etc. You’ll find a beautiful collection of fifteen thousand titles here; baby books, books to read out of, books that teach kids how to read, fiction for 8 – 10 year olds and 10 – 12 year olds, novels for kids, informative books, poetry etc. Besides all this great stuff to read, de Boekenberg sells cards, posters, audio books and merchandise related to children’s books. There is also an extensive collection of hand puppets. The poetry products by Plint are also available here.

    The store is fairly large compared to other children’s book stores. The extensive collection of baby books is very popular for baby shower gifts. The same goes for the carefully crafted products by Les Lilliputiens: calendars and books made of fabric. Secondary schools come here mostly for informative books and books that teach kids how to read.

    De Boekenberg also has a beautiful garden for outdoor activities, where you may find peace and quiet. The store itself is very well organized and spacious. The books make for a lively and colorful decoration. There is a play-table for kids and a reading table for adults, all to make the experience as pleasant as possible for the customer.

    De Boekenberg also organizes workshops and parent-evenings about children’s books.