Kinki Kappers
Amsterdam, Haarlemmerdijk

  • winkelen amsterdam kinki kappers hd
  • winkelen amsterdam kinki kappers hd
    A barbershop for girls and guys, women and men. Not your average barbershop though: highly innovative barbers translate your wishes into results that set you apart and are beautiful to look at! Also check out their extensive line of quality hair care products.

    The store itself is just as special as those cutting your hair. No experimental types practicing l’art pour l’art : each and everyone is formally educated at Kinki academy. The hair care is professional here. Styling irons are also used. An appointment might be handy but isn’t required.

    Contemporary, a true eye-catcher, inspiring and innovative.

    Kinki hairdressers have been around for a while: after the first successes in Eindhoven back in 1984 (!), Amsterdam seemed the ideal environment for a subsequent store. It turned out to be more than just wishful thinking, as it’s number of customers is ever expanding; a store opened in the Utrechtsestraat in 1990 and following it’s success yet another one can now be found on the Haarlemmerdijk.

    L'oreal professionnel, Fudge, Nexxus.