Kitsch Kitchen
Amsterdam, Jordaan

  • winkelen amsterdam kitsch kitchen
  • winkelen amsterdam kitsch kitchen
    Kitsch Kitchen is influenced by colours and influences from around the globe and this is reflected in the joyful and original collection. An ideal store for people who are looking for a fun gift, but those who are looking for that one unique item for themselves will not be disappointed either. The store has everuthing: bags, stationary, table linen, toys, baby items, kitchen items, bathroom necessities, gifts, furniture, wallpaper, and much, much more.

    You will undoubtedly know Kitsch Kitchen from the immensely popular colourful table covers that never seem to go out of style with customers from all ages. Besides its own Kitsch Kitchen brand, the store offers products from India, Ghana, Senegal and Mongolia.

    The store is large, colourful and joyful and you will need an extra pair of eyes to take in all the wonders around you. Customers truly feel like they are abroad, due to the great many types of products, colours and music. The Rozengracht canal, on which the store is located, functions as an access road to the city's centre, which is why the street is always bustling with activity.

    Take a look around on the website, which is at least as cheerful as the store itself. Dutch texts are combined with foreign slogans and texts: great fun!

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