Amsterdam, De 9 straatjes

  • winkelen amsterdam kleikollektief
  • winkelen amsterdam kleikollektief
    Pottery, porcelain, unica, vases, dishes, tableware and various special pieces and collectibles. The Kleikollektief is a small store and ceramic workshop, the owners produce and sell their own work, sometimes making use of decoration by other artists.

    One side of the store holds closet-space with colorful handmade ceramic products, the other has a large working space where the product are made on the spot, allowing the customers to witness exactly how the production process works.

    Cheerful, well organized, a varied crowd, consisting of ceramics-collectors, neighborhood residents, tourists and the occasional museum-conservator.

    Customers have many shapes, sizes and decorations to choose from. You’ll find both articles in the fixed collection and special additions made regularly. Custom made products like business gifts can be ordered here as well.

    Corien Ridderikhoff and Klaartje Kamermans graduated from the ceramic department at the academy for arts over 25 years ago. Thy immediately opened up shop in the Hartenstraat. Their old building is small but effective and is used for production, presentation and sales.