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  • winkelen groningen kosadome
  • winkelen groningen kosadome
  • winkelen groningen kosadome
  • winkelen groningen kosadome
    If you are not yet familiar with Scandinavian fashion should really visit KosaDome, at least once. You will enter a world filled with colour. True colours from natural resources. Colours which keep their richness and save the environment at the same time. The topic of saving nature is historically well addressed by the Scandinavians. They produce since long time, along ecological criteria, often even fair-trade. The brands we have concentrate primarily on their product, quality, styling and heritage, like Aïno, Nanso, Klok, Karvinen, McVerdi en Herluf.

    Scandinavians seem to have patented stylish and timeless design. Combining form and function at their best. At KosaDome you’ll find clothing you will keep on wearing because of its natural fit and fine quality. Using only the best materials to create the best possible fit and through constant innovation they keep ahead of times and ahead of fashion as a matter of fact. Next to the Scandinavian brands we also have other brands, because of their high quality, their production and their heritage and as a completion of the entire collection, brands like Oska, Fox, Backstage, Art, Jan Jansen, Geesje Sturre en Hester van Eeghen.

    KosaDome serves the woman of today who choses quality. Who wants to look good in the finer things life has to offer. The love that has been put into making the KosaDome collection is instantly noticeable. It shows wearing them for their natural fit and styling. The use of all natural materials enhances this even more. And in the end it is all about confidence. And that is what we like to present in our collection, in a great variety of styles. 

    Shop owner Iris Dijkema has over 30 years’ experience exclusively in the Scandinavian niche and can be considered an authority. Each season she selects with great pleasure a collection of great variety by going directly to Finland and Denmark, there where it all starts, the source of all developments.

    In addition to the clothes we have everything to complete your outfit, such as matching shoes, hand bags, scarves, hats, gloves, jewelery and even the well-known panties from Falke.

    AINO, OSKA, ART schoenen, Backstage, Fox’s, Geesje Sturre, Herluf, Hester van Eeghen, Irelands Eye, Klok,  Laurie, Mansted, Marimekko, MaxJenny Forslund, McVerdi, Mywalit, Nanso, NR Rapisardi, Skandika, Unica, Voi Tassen.