Kunstproeverij Erika Stulp
Groningen, Centrum

  • winkelen groningen kunstproeverij erika stulp
  • winkelen groningen kunstproeverij erika stulp
    Erika Stulp has devoted herself to her artwork based on the interior. One Stulp melts on your tongue. Her form language is lyrical, and her painting form is expressive. Through her use of color, form and fantasy she faultlessly assents to each and every part of the character of any interior. Her source of inspiration comes from her own inner world. The themes are - just as technicians-very diverse. It is no wonder that her work is well sought after, from both businesses and private.

    Erika Stulp is a business full of action and possibilities. Her gallery is her studio. This gives the option to paint on the spot whenever the mood desires. Something more figurative, or something moor green. No problem. It is also possible to have a piece of art delivered at home, or to have a piece for a week to see how it is. Art should blend in a harmonious way with the surroundings: this is Stulps’ philosophy.

    Erika’s paintings express a fresh, modern and pleasant ambiance in the studio. If visitors have a look around for five minutes or take much time, Erica has no problem with this. There is always something to see: a Stulp is very colorful, dynamic and usually large. Do you wish to get acquainted with a painting? Then take a seat in the in the viewing corner. The business is situated near the Noordehaven, in the midst of many other galleries.

    For many years Erika Stulp has held many expositions around the world, with a great amount of success. This was a wonderful time,however, she would have liked to have more contact with the buyers. Now that she has her own gallery this opens up contact with the clients.