La Palmerie Fashion
Utrecht, Centrum

  • winkelen utrecht la palmerie fashion
  • winkelen utrecht la palmerie fashion
    Hip clothing, shoes, boots, belts, sunglasses, watches… La Palmerie truly is a store where you can style yourself, or let yourself be styled. Which is something that a large number of famous Dutch people have already discovered. You’ll find all the new gadgets right here. Bags are designed by La Palmerie, and have become a familiar sight in Utrecht. The same goes for the belts by the way.

    Carrie Bradshaw meets Imelda Marcos on Ibiza. Shoes to match your purse and purses to match your shoes. Clothes and accessories by the hottest brands. In the words of owner Soumia Allane: “Our collection is aimed specifically at a large target audience. From young students to sophisticated women. We like a tough, young, trendy, but above all, stylish look. Her finds often make the pages of the magazines.

    Warm and inviting, with a Nespresso for every customer. The (pleasant) music stays in the background, which is where it belongs. Before you know it, you’ll have spent an entire hour here. Just browsing and fitting.

    Soumia Allane has been in the business for twenty years. “In enjoy dressing people or giving them advice”. She has travelled all over and she extended her expertise and network everywhere she went. She currently has a steady stream of regular customers, as well as a healthy ambition. “You find certain things on your way, and as it turned out, my bags were very popular. So we started to grow and expand. There are a lot of things we intend to do in the future, but we have to tread carefully. Step by step, until the day we’ve conquered the globe and we’re on the catwalk, right next to Dolce and Gabbana….”

    Friis & Company, Free Soul, Manila Grace, Chilli Pepper, Muchacha, Nicowa, Yaya, Itni, Melvin, Moscow, Moovy, Sophie Schnoor, Mimic, Oozoo watches , Mentor boots Denmark, Style Snob, Fred de la Bretonniere, Armani and Birkenstock.