Le Courage
Maastricht, Wyck

  • winkelen maastricht le courage
  • winkelen maastricht le courage
    Cozy little restaurant owned by a hospitable, innovatively cooking Englishman. You won’t find a menu here and the result is a true dream for those looking for creativity and surprise when going to dinner. Le Courage always sticks to seasonal ingredients, presented by the Patron with a genuine passion for food.

    A restaurant with a charming color coordination, generating a general freshness, perfectly suited for lunch, dinner, and of course for your traditional English afternoon tea. 

    Le Courage, is situated in the Rechtstraat, in the old part of town called Wieck. This street is one of the oldest in all of Maastricht, a town that has been linked to good food, culture and cozyness ever since it was founded. 

    Vegetarian dishes, sugar free dishes and glute free dishes are served with pleasure here, as are dishes for those with allergies or a low tolerance for nuts or dairy products.