• winkelen amsterdam letting
  • winkelen amsterdam letting
    This welcoming little restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and private dinners. They’re renowned for their homemade pies, hamburgers and breakfasts. With the exception of their breads and pasta’s, they make everything themselves and to top it all off, they serve the finest of coffee’s, courtesy of their employees’ barista training.

    Letting is a warm restaurant with a kitchen that is outstanding in both quality and creativity. Furthermore, service and hospitality are key in this restaurant. These elements combine to create the perfect setting for a nice relaxed breakfast or lunch with friends. It is with good reason that this restaurant can rely on a large group of steady customers.

    It is a warm, small business, with a friendly staff. The beautiful interior was designed by Borec Sipek.

    The restaurant offers a host of possibilities for closed dinners, corporate events and bachelor parties. They make sure that all of your guests are able to enjoy a wonderful dinner and a successful evening. They also offer theatre dinners on a regular basis.

    Coffee by The Golden Coffee Box, bread by Het Vlaamsch Broodhuys. Everything else is homemade. They try to incorporate as many fair-trade products as they can.