Lila Lifestyle
Bussum, Centrum

  • winkelen bussum lila lifestyle
  • winkelen bussum lila lifestyle
  • winkelen bussum lila lifestyle
  • winkelen bussum lila lifestyle
  • winkelen bussum lila lifestyle
    In this ladies’ boutique you can shop for fun clothes and matching bags, jewelry, and shoes. There is a diverse selection of tunics, blouses, jumpsuits, pants, jackets, skirts, etc. Anyone looking for a great skirt will certainly love this store, as you can find them in all shapes and sizes here. Since there is also an extensive collection of different styles, you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for here, whether it’s a dress for a business occasion, a party, or a casual night out. The collection of dresses is also very colorful.

    The brands are unique; you won’t see them just anywhere. The atmosphere is casual, the service is superb, and you’ll get professional advice if so desired. The clothes are varied: you’ll find different styles that are easily combined, so anyone can find something good here. If you’re drawing a blank, the staff will love to help out. Their mission is to make the customers look their best, and leave the store beaming. Since the collection is so varied, a diverse crowd is attracted to the store; age-wise, the group aged 30-50 is best represented. The boutique feels familiar, like a cozy living room with a casual atmosphere. And there’s always a drink waiting...

    The street is just outside of downtown, but is rediscovered each day, even by people who have been living in Bussum for a while. All stores have a unique character and collection, which the customers invariably appreciate.

    Outside opening hours, the store is open by appointment on Thursdays and Fridays.

    Ana Alcazar, Avoca, Derhy, Diva Catwalk, Great Plains, Hunza, Isla Ibiza, King Louie, MosMosh, Rich+Royal, Rosemunde, Soaked in Luxury, Tone Barker, Uno piu Uno, Zilch, Tramontana, Nice things. Shoes: Feliz, Fab. Jewelry: Exoal, My66, Susanne Friis Bjørner.