Linnaeus Boekhandel
Amsterdam, Oost - Watergraafsmeer

  • winkelen amsterdam linnaeus boekhandel
  • winkelen amsterdam linnaeus boekhandel
    Linnaeus Bookstore offers a well-sorted collection of books, including general literature (also in English), children's books, travel books, cookbooks and thrillers. Furthermore, this bookstore specialises in books on psychology, philosophy, Amsterdam and art. Book enthusiast can fulfill their every need here. Stop by the modern antiques department as well.

    Linnaeus Bookstore is an independent bookstore, which means that they have full control over their collection. It is a real neighbourhood bookstore. They value good service and good customer relations. The enthusiastic employees are all avid readers and they are always happy to provide you with solid advice.

    Informal yet professional. The large clientele is primarily composed of neighbourhood residents.

    Each year, Linnaeus Bookstore organises a number of lectures with writers or other experts, on current books and themes. A newsletter regarding these activities is regularly distributed, featuring announcements of the planned activities. Also, these newsletters contain fun personal tips on the latest book releases. Amsterdam Oost/Watergraafsmeer is a pleasant borough. The Middenweg is home to a collection of wondergul stores. It is a busy street, which ensures a large number of walk-ins. The store is wheelchair accessible.