Malalel Oosterse Tapijten
Den Bosch, Centrum

  • winkelen den bosch malalel 94
  • winkelen den bosch malalel 94
    Malalel, has specialized in hand woven carpets for 47 years. They have all sorts and sizes. Ziegler carpets, modern carpets, Berbers and antique pieces. Alongside the carpets they have a selection of décor articles, such as Tibetan furniture and Buddha’s and side tables.

    Everyone can come to Malalels, young and old. Carpets are timeless products that have been around for hundreds of years. They have exclusive examples at Malalel, which would fulfill your wishes. With many years of experience there is always professional advice on hand, for the customer. This is also possible in your home, and then you can see if they are fitting with your décor.

    The shop has a great number of carpets, and a warm and cosy atmosphere. You feel immediately at ease and you get a good view of the collection that the shop has to offer.

    The owner T. Hond took over the shop from his step father. From a very young age he went along on his free Saturdays to help in the shop.

    Besides their selling in antique and modern carpets,they have more to offer. You can always have your own carpet repaired or trade it in for another. You may also have your carpet valued for free.