Mangiare Trattoria Italiana
Eindhoven, De Bergen

  • winkelen eindhoven mangiare
  • winkelen eindhoven mangiare
    A place to remember. Good food is about simplicity and the best ingredients, and at Mangiare they understood this well. Loyal customers praise the restaurant for its simplicity and its warm atmosphere. Customers who love the most extravagant products love this place; the truffle is used copiously.

    A number of absolute classics are given new life here. The most delicious goose liver, daily fresh mozzarella, and extraordinarily delicious Carpaccio. Also be sure to try out the Vitello Tonato; a timeless classic.

    De Kleine Berg is an up and coming name with its multitude of independent entrepreneurs and mom and pop stores. Mangiare is no exception to the rule. It draws a surprisingly varied mass of customers, including many students and young professionals.

    Owner Sil van Lotringen worked in the restaurant business for 16 years before realizing her own dreams with Mangiare. She’s never regretted this decision, and you can feel this.

    Open daily from 11:30 am to 11:30 pm. Ask for a table in the beautiful, spacious garden and you won’t regret it.