Marije Buffing
Amsterdam, Utrechtsestraat

  • winkelen amsterdam marije buffing
  • winkelen amsterdam marije buffing
    Marije Buffing’s store offers beautiful silver, gold, steel and titanim jewellery, as well as wrist watches. The collection is composed of house designs as well as jewellery by other jewel smiths, all of which handmade. Her jewellery literally travels the globe, and sometimes even further than that. She designed a piece of ‘space jewellery’ for Dutch astronaut André Kuipers, who took it with him on his trip to space.

    Everyone is looking for that unique piece of jewellery that suits them perfectly, and you can find it at Marije Buffing’s. She designs and fabricates sleek jewellery, crafted from a number of different materials. She also allows people to specify their wishes and have their jewellery custom designed and fitted. That way, you’ll always have an item that is tailor-made to meet your specific wishes.

    The store has a modern look, in which all of the attention is reserved for the jewellery. The work table that Buffing uses to make her jewellery, gives the store the look and feel of a craftsman’s workshop.

    The store’s website allows you to watch a video of a ring being made, giving you a unique insight into this beautiful craft.

    Jewellery of Cardillac, Otra Cosa and Ernstes Design, complemented primarily by works by other jewel smiths.