• winkelen alkmaar masee
  • winkelen alkmaar masee
    Masée Home Decorating’s collection consists of exclusive furniture, cupboards, cases, lighting, carpets and antique mirrors. You may also come here for advice about your home decorating. By expositions of paintings the great combinations are even more pronounced.

    For interiors that are full of character, personal advice and great service you’ve come to the right place at Masée Home Decorating. The exclusive store buys its collection mainly at small expos in Italy, France and England. Masée Home Decorating is located in a street with many exclusive stores. The parking garage’s exit is also in this street. Regularly, artists have their work put up here, which makes a visit to Masée Home Decorating even more interesting!

    Masée Home Decorating has been around since 1829. The current owner has had training to become a living advisor, and got the opportunity to take over this store in 1974.