• winkelen amsterdam mech
  • winkelen amsterdam mech
    This luxurious baguetterie is home to the best French baguettes, baked by a French bread specialist. You can also enjoy a diversity of club sandwiches, prepared on the spot with fresh ingredients. Fresh, top quality ingredients, imported directly from Paris. What more could you, the sandwich enthusiast, ask for? Mech is also the right address for a cup of France’s finest coffee.

    Everything is prepared with fresh ingredients. Unique is the possibility of composing your own dishes. You can have a number of salads be prepared by our staff, in accordance with your own specific wishes. The store itself has a modern, sleek look, yet it manages to give off an air of warmth and hospitality. The owner lived in Paris for four years, where she was inspired by the French kitchen. The location, on the corner of the Cornelis Schuyt, is excellent. Don’t hesitate to bring your business acquaintances along, so you cab enjoy a wonderful club sandwich together.

    Mech delivers to companies, but also to private individuals who like to see a delicious baguette brought to their home. Nice and easy.

    Coffee Cafés Richard.