• winkelen amsterdam mechicas
  • winkelen amsterdam mechicas
    Distinguish yourself from the boring masses with the unmistakable quality of hand crafted jewelry. Visit this extraordinary store for a unique, ever changing collection of exotic pendants, bracelets, earrings and leather accessories such as purses and belts. All products are made of beautiful natural materials such as gems, shells and glass beads, specially imported from Mexico.

    meCHICHas’ collection is so extensive that anyone can find the perfect piece of jewelry here. Young girls, women, fashionable children and of course men find the perfect extension of their appearance here.

    The stylish interior reflects the genuine natural materials which meCHICas incorporates into its collection. The minimal decoration contrasts beautifully with the raw, exotic shells and tree trunks which serve as framing for the creations. Customers of meCHICas describe this elegant store as ‘posh hippy style’. Situated in the middle of Amsterdam’s old town center, behind the Paleis op de Dam (palace on the Dam).

    meCHICas makes all of their own jewelry. Choose between the ‘more of a kind’ series, of which at most ten pieces are created, or the ‘one of a kind’ collection which is entirely unique. Also note the beautiful artful purses by Leona-design. Open on Sunday.

    meCHICas’ roots lie in Mexico. That is where the owner Debbie Verhagen teamed up with Mexican designer Mateo Zepeda to build the foundation of a store in Amsterdam. Verhagen, art historian and a designer herself, loves to show the production process of a perfect piece in her atelier. Your own personal preferences can be incorporated into this process. Each creation has its own story to tell and meCHICas loves to tell them to you.

    meCHICas home brand and purses by Leona-Design.