Megazino Store
Amsterdam, Jordaan

  • winkelen amsterdam megazino store
  • winkelen amsterdam megazino store
    This store offers a wide collection of women’s and men’s clothes and accessories, by a number of top brands, all of which at affordable prices. There is a floor dedicated to collections of past seasons, which are sold with a standard fifty percent discount, as well as a floor with new collections, which are sold with a standard thirty percent discount.

    Megazino allows you to acquire a designer outfit that will fit you perfectly, without the disadvantage of going broke when you do so. Their collection of women’s and men’s clothing is extensive. This store puts top designer fashionable within everyone’s reach.

    The store´s look is trendy and the atmosphere is always relaxed. You can browse around at your own pace and look for that one perfect item or maybe even an entire outfit.

    Regular customers can count on extra discounts on top of the discounts already in effect.

    Hugo Boss, Armani, Prada, Iceberg, Replay, D&G, Versache, Custo, Burberry, Dior, Cavalli, as well as many other top brands.