• winkelen eindhoven mensroom
  • winkelen eindhoven mensroom
    This luxurious and exclusive shop sells hip jeans for the fashion sensitive men among us. In addition to our jeans you will also find an array of accessories and lifestyle items. Mensroom has thought about everything. Their assortment also consists of bicycles, helmets, suitcases and books. At Mensroom you can spend your afternoon looking for jeans and much much more!

    Mensroom always has the newest brands in stock, varying from 99 to 500 euro’s, making it suitable for every budget.

    You can wonder around the shop at ease, without any sales personnel chasing you. There is a relaxing and informal atmosphere. De Kleine Berg is one of the cosiest streets in Eindhoven, giving it easy access on foot or by car and with plenty of available parking space. The mix of restaurants, shops and boutiques give the street a pleasant atmosphere.

    Blue Blood, Denham, Filippa K, Ed Hardy, Drykorn, Replay, Diesel, Bjorn Borg, Suit, PRPS, Nudie, JC Rags and much more.