• winkelen breda mevrouw janssen
  • winkelen breda mevrouw janssen
    Mevrouw Jannsen, has everything you need to furnish your home in your own taste. There is furniture, mirrors, fabrics, clogs, jewellery, accessories, clothes and many other personal articles specially selected by the owner Gerda Rietveld, which she “finds nice”. The assortment is for ever changing, so there are always new things to discover.

    Gerda Rietveld puts together her own, personal chosen selection, which gives the shop a signature of its own, and which she would describe as a combination of these times with antique.

    You feel immediately at ease in this shop. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. It is not for nothing that the clients say they would like to live like this. The large and ever changing assortment ensures that there is something for everyone, and Gerda and her co-assistant Angela are always willing to answer questions or give advice. The shop is spread throughout two floors, and on top of this there is a garden and a shed with luxurious garden accessories.

    Gerda Rietveld is an interior architect, thus she can convert a complete building work and the inside decor. With the designing of the interior she looks at the personality of the space and the inhabitants. Giving total atmosphere in her designs is for her the use of combining modern and French antiques. The end result of the interior is unique and quite fitting with the character of the clients.

    Romo, Chivasso, Prades, Harris, Nix Design, Gert Snel, Netty de Groothandel