MOSCOW by Pure Brands
Amsterdam, De 9 straatjes

  • winkelen amsterdam moscow by pure brands
  • winkelen amsterdam moscow by pure brands
    Moscow by Pure Brands offers the entire collection of the beautiful Dutch label Moscow. With its high-quality fabrics (among others, bamboo, silk, cashmere, tencel and modal), comfort, and ideal fits, this is the perfect brand for the fashion conscious Dutch woman. The brand is lauded mostly for its basic items. This collection offers a selection of great shirts, t-shirts and leggings, for an infinite number of possible combinations. Also, it offers a wide variety of lovely shoes and accessories to complete your outfit!

    The fashion conscious woman shops at Moscow by Pure Brands. Owner Marlies is present in the store on a daily basis and is always there to help you with personal advice and a delicious cup of cappuccino, as this store even has its own coffee corner.

    The store is located in the Runstraat, one of the infamous, welcoming Nine Streets. This area hosts a wonderful mix of fashion, restaurants and interior design, which attracts a wide variety of people, day visitors, tourists, businesswomen who stop by during their lunch break for a quick round of shopping, as well as locals. The store has an authentic character, partly due to the use of scaffolding wood and a beautiful, 250-year-old, monumental wall, located in the middle of the store.

    Moscow by Pure Brands offers the opportunity of booking a night of ‘Evening Shopping’. The Moscow woman is career oriented, has a busy social life and a passion for fashion. Her busy schedule does not accommodate a day of shopping with friends. ‘Evening Shopping’ offers the possibility of stopping by after business hours for a round of shopping with friends in a relaxed atmosphere. Of course, these evenings feature plenty of prosecco, because bubbles and fashion cannot—and should not—be separated!

    Clothes by Moscow, Braez, Yarn Unit, Modstrom and Circle of Trust. Boots by UGG and LdiR Ibiza boots. Bags by Pieter Ary and Philomijn.