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    The Natan collection has three lines; the Edouard Vermeulen line, Collection and the Edition 5. The Natan shop in Maastricht is the only store in the Netherlands where you can find the first line (the Edouard Vermeulen line).

    Natan is a fashion house from the Belgium designer Edouard Vermeulen. The first Dutch boutique of Natans was opened in 2000. This shop is a real pleasure for the fashion lover. There is a vast collection with three clothes lines from the fashion house.To complete ones outfit perfectly one can also purchase here the perfect accessories like bags and shoes.

    The shop has a calm and easing atmosphere, where the clothes are wonderfully displayed.

    Natan is a well established clothes shop which is frequented by royalty, such as Maxima Mathilde, Laurentien and other members from Royal families.

    The shop sells clothes, bags and shoes from the Fashion House Natan.