Nina’s Boutique
Maastricht, Wyck

  • winkelen maastricht ninas boutique
  • winkelen maastricht ninas boutique
    Nina’s Boutique is one of these cute little shops in Maastricht. You will find trendy women’s clothing and accessories, including bags and jewels. You’ll want it all!

    The shop assistants buy in the retails goods themselves. They know a lot about clothes and how to match them. They are passionate about what they do, and are always up to date with the newest trends. They attract a lot of customers who know what they want but are open to new trends and advice.

    The atmosphere at Nina’s Boutique is very relaxed and informal. It radiates a cool, feminine ambience.

    The shop is open every first Sunday of the month in the afternoon. The Rechtstraat is atmospheric and authentic. It almost feels like you’re on holiday...

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