• winkelen haarlem numbernine
  • winkelen haarlem numbernine
    Unique ladies- and men’s clothing by top brands, caps and accessories.

    An attractive collection, partly because instead of buying entire collections, The store practices ‘cherry picking’: they pick out unique pieces and accessories. They’re also always looking for new, innovative brands, which ensures an ever changing collection. The customers love the changing collection, the great service and the store’s atmosphere.

    Open, casual, friendly. A store where everyone feels welcome. Things that stand out in the stylish interior (that changes every six months) are the wooden light-beam, the paintings (that are switched every month) and the fitting rooms which are located behind a wall. People come here to shop, but sometimes they just walk in to look at the paintings or to have a chat.

    The owner started this store out of frustration with the offerings of stores in this segment, and to provide an alternative to the big stores with mass produced merchandise.

    Modstrom, Sessun, designersremixcollection, nike (exclusives), asics (exclusives), wesc(ook headphones!), edwin, ontour, stussy, kling, levi's vintage, revolution, aaiko, woodwood, cheap monday, books, designer toys and much much more...