• winkelen leeuwarden ny na
  • winkelen leeuwarden ny na
    For the lovers of a better class of kitsch and camp work, Ny-na has a very pleasant and colorful selection. They have a lot of plastic kitsch from different countries, including bags, pouches,table oil clothes, pottery and icons from Mexico; sushi sets and porcelain from Japan, lucky dolls ,Buddha’s and small nik naks and boxes from China; a selection of jewellery , books and incense from India and many more articles of all sorts.

    Ny-na display many lovely facets from cultures around the world. Not as high culture but as colorful atmospheric items for the house, garden, balcony or even…caravan (yes this is possible). Very popular at this moment are the Yogi men and Buddha’s who all have a special meaning. Less meaningful but also very popular are the bright plastic clothes. You can purchase by the meter and they are useful as something hippy and different. They also have dressing tables, commodes, messenger bicycles, tea cupboards garden tables and other items to stick onto Thus plastic from faraway and very close. Ny- na sell items from lady artists from Leeuwarden, such as a Deer tea shirt and unique cuddly toys from “de familiefoef.nl) Ny-na is the ideal shop for people who are looking for that personal gift.

    Ny- na is situated in beautiful monumental premises, where they offer a contrast with they hype items. The vibes in this shop are without a doubt positive.

    Anna Witkamp and Nynke Steenhuizen form together Ny-na. Their ambition was to bring something new into Leeuwarden. The manner in which the ladies set this up was totally fitting with them. “We love to discover lovely unusual things and present them to both men and women. Also we enjoy decorating the shop and the from the nice people that come to the shop. People who also like out of the ordinary things.

    Kitsch Kitchen, Huisteil.