• winkelen amsterdam organic
  • winkelen amsterdam organic
    100 % organic foods and related products, such as tableware and cookery-books. Organic is oriented towards delicious: daily fresh meals to go, daily baked bread and responsibly processed fresh fish, not available in any other ‘organic’ store. Also exclusive products such as wines from well known regions, the excellent Pata Negra ham from Spain, fantastic olive oils and hosts more!

    A beautiful foodstore. All the products sold are fresh and meet the strictest quality criteria. One of the owners was a chef for years and giving cooking advice.

    A Mediterranean touch, the staff enjoys sharing their knowledge with customers, and do so in a pleasant ambiance, due to soothing music. Many customers commend the beautiful interior, and feel it’s unusual to find such a place here in Holland.

    The staff enjoys introducing people to organic foods in a contemporary, non-oppressive manner, focusing not just on health but on DELICIOUS foods and drinks!

    A special favorite is the French sourdough bread. This bread is prepared in a specific manner, creating the authentic taste. Organic also regularly organizes tasting in the store!

    They carry their own brands, every line of products has it’s own label guaranteeing high quality.