P. van den Bosch Groentehandel
Alkmaar, Centrum

  • winkelen alkmaar p van den bosch
  • winkelen alkmaar p van den bosch
    Groentehandel P. van den Bosch has a very extensive and varied collection of potatoes, vegetables and fruit, both pre-made meals, salads and greengroceries. You may also come here for freshly squeezed juices, at least ten kinds of soup and delicious deserts. In short; everything to complete your meal!

    Every day fresh products and different customers arrive in this small store. Many fresh herbs are available or can be ordered for the next day. Daily, fresh fruit salads are made; no cans or additives are used. Every day, there are new kinds, so every day you can be surprised. This is where you come for great food!

    The store is situated in a district in the oldest part of Alkmaar, with many cosy streets and specialty stores.

    Groentehandel P. van den Bosch is the only store of its kind in downtown Alkmaar. Vegetable or fruit baskets can be ordered and delivered anywhere in Alkmaar. They’re also suppliers to different cafes and hotels in Alkmaar and recognized as a training company.

    For fifty years now, Groentehandel P. v.d. Bosch has been located in Alkmaar’s historic downtown district. The specialty store, known for its pan-ready potatoes, vegetables and fruit; freshly cooked or baked.