• winkelen amsterdam pakkend amsterdam
  • winkelen amsterdam pakkend amsterdam
    This store is the place to be for a new tailored suit, but it also offers tailored jackets, shirts and pants, as well as three-buttoned off-the-peg shirts and accessories, including ties, socks, belts and cufflinks.

    Pakkend allows you to create your own suit or shirt. You get to pick everything, from the fabric to the cut, and from the lining to the thread. All for an honest price, which they are able to offer because of their direct contacts with a number of different workshops.

    The store’s look is sleek and open, which is very inviting.

    Owners Kasper Zweerman and Chris van Luxemburg take great pride in the level of service they provide. They always offer professional advice and the make sure that the customer is king. For instance, they maintain long opening hours, so the working man can stop by for a new suit or shirt. Pakkend also operates a store on the Frederikstraat in Den Haag.

    They sell tailored suits and shirts under their own ‘Pakkend’ label. Furthermore, they offer the brands Circle of Gentlemen, Falke and Profuomo.