• winkelen haarlem pieck
  • winkelen haarlem pieck
    A restaurant seating 48 persons and another 30 in the beautiful city garden (when the weather allows it). Stop by for lunch and choose from various salads and sandwiches. The dinner menu is very extensive and features many Italian dishes, in addition to specialties from the mid-east and South America.

    Both for lunch and diner prices are reasonable and the food is good here. The restaurant also performs an important function in the owners’ social lives. To put it in another way: conversing and relating to friends and guests alike is held in high regard here.

    You’ll notice traditional, authentic elements are used in a very contemporary manner here. It’s situated on the Warmoesstraat, easily the most beautiful shopping street in Haarlem. A place with a rich, 700 year-history, where the most interesting, beautiful shops can be found.

    The owners opened this restaurant because they wanted something they could put all their effort into and something to be truly proud of, and clearly this kind of restaurants is rare and greatly needed.