PINA Amsterdam
Amsterdam, De 9 straatjes

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  • winkelen amsterdam pina amsterdam
    This store offers women’s fashion and accessories in the middle-high segment. The clothing is fashionable, feminine, with a good fit, and it’s high quality ensures you will be able to enjoy it for a long time.

    At PINA, the collection is constantly complemented with new items. This ensures that the collection is an accurate reflection of current trends at all times. Furthermore, it keeps the store surprising. It’s an extra attraction if you can find something new each week.

    The store’s atmosphere is calm and warm, accessible and convivial. The collection is presented in a clear and direct manner, making it easy to browse around.

    Customers are cherished. Each season, PINA hosts a cocktail party, high tea or coffee luncheon with a particular theme. Also, once a year, they host a fashion show, together with four other stores located in the ‘Nine Streets’ area.

    Patrizia Pepe, Paul & Joe Sister, DKNY, Indress, Adriano Goldschmied jeans, Cycle jeans, LNA.