Plastiglas-Den Haag
Den Haag, Zeeheldenkwartier

  • winkelen den haag plastiglas den haag
  • winkelen den haag plastiglas den haag
    Looking for Plexiglas in whatever shape or size? Plastiglas offers virtually any kind of Plexiglas (perspex) in sheet, rod and tube form. Customized Plexiglas is also an option. Purposes include furniture, living accessories, protective hoods, casings, picture frames, displays, windows, tables etc.

    Plastiglas is a practical store, as it is capable of customizing Plexiglas to meet your every need, so you are not limited to the items that are in store. You can discuss your wishes and see them fulfilled in the workshop. Years of experience have taught the professionals at Plastiglas exactly what falls within the realm of possibility. The store draws a varied clientele, varying from private individuals to businesses and from young to old. Because the Zoutmanstraat is not exactly known as a shopping area, most customers know what they are looking for.

    Plestiglas has an air of craftsmanship and love for the material. It is by no means a trendy shop, but it is exactly where you want to be if you’re looking for a beautiful custom-made product. The front desk (Plastiglas is not a store in the true sense of the word) is small, the rest is production and storage space, as all orders are produced in-house.

    Plastiglas produces lecterns for, among others, churches, museums, tv stations, ministries, municipal authorities and courthouses. Other items on offer are protective hoods, display cases, pedestals and columns, displays, dining room tables, coffee tables, and lamps. The store is closed on Mondays.