• winkelen amsterdam portonovo
  • winkelen amsterdam portonovo
    Exclusive, stylish collection of clothes, shoes, purses and accessories from Italian based brands which are unique in our country.

    The unique collection at Portonovo distinguishes itself by its recognizable style and quality, while the brand names here are not (yet) very well known. Because of the diverse labels the variation is great, but the items of clothing, shoes, purses and accessories can be combined in ways that make for surprising combos. The staff is very knowledgeable and patient.

    The store breathes a typical italian ambiance which complements the amazing location. In short: fresh and well organized, without any intrusive or minimal design patterns.

    Proprietor Mireille Mersman missed the casual clothing that is found in Italy in the Netherlands. The feeling that the Italians have for how and when to wear certain clothes is one of the things the staff of Portonovo wishes to give the customers.

    Some items in the collection are extremely appropriate for certain groups of customers. For example, the Seventy collection is excellent for the professional woman and/or mother and the Mazzini-purses are very popular with (among others) American tourists, because of their international yet Southern European style. The casual shoes by Sabelt do well with men who wish to wear something other than the usual sneakers in their free time.

    18CRR81 Cerruti, Henry Cotton's, Historic Research, Mastai Ferretti, Mazzini, New England, Pennyblack, Piacenza, Zanella.