PUUR. IJs & Chocolade
Leeuwarden, Kleine Kerkstraat

  • winkelen leeuwarden puur ijs en chocolade
  • winkelen leeuwarden puur ijs en chocolade
    Icecream and chocolate have an irresistable attraction on many of us. This store adds a little extra to that temptation by combining these two wonderful treats in a special formula, a combination of an ice salon and a chocolatérie. This new formula distinguishes itself by using pure products. You can go all out, because there are no less than twenty different flavours of deliciou, homemade icecream. Also available are a variety of icecream cakes, forty different kinds of handcrafted bonbons and a wide selection of tailormade chocolate treats. These tailormade items are custom-designed to meet all of your or your company’s specific wishes. Don’t forget the seasonal chocolates, available in a wide range of different seasonal themes, including Valentine’s day chocolate for that special person in your life, chocolates made especially for Easter, the Dutch traditional holiday of Sinterklaas, Christmas and Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day.

    Who doesn’t love an icecream cone or a chocolate every once in a while? No wonder you will run into all kinds of people in this store, young and old. The store’s most distinguishing feature is the use of pure products, or, to put it another way: as little artificial colouring and flavouring as possible and Fairtrade products, which is why the chocolate bears the original Fairtrade seal of approval. Keywords that come to mind include craftsmanship and quality, which is key. Companies often order a couple of boxes of bonbons or custom-made chocolates for their staff or a special occasion.

    Although the store’s interior looks modern, it has a warm look with its anthracite, orange and white tones. The older elements of the building have also been preserved. A comfortable lounge sofa provides a great spot to enjoy your icecream or bonbon. The store is located in a great area as well. The street’s diverse collection of stores is unique and its authentic look makes this a great street to browse around.