Questroo Inlijsterij
Leiden, Leiden Centrum

  • winkelen leiden questroo inlijsterij
  • winkelen leiden questroo inlijsterij
    Discover this unique location on the Rijn, a beloved place for fans of remarkable paintings, prints, etches etc. Exploring this store is a joy, both for curious passers by and true collectors looking for the one missing link in their collection.

    Come to Leiden’s town center and explore the beautiful collection of paintings, both classical and contemporary. Or, have your own painting be framed beautifully and expertly. Cleaning or restoring your painting can be done here as well.

    A cosy, small store with very enthusiastic staff members. Many loyal regulars and artists come here not just to make a purchase but also to get some great advice or to have a cosy chat.

    Questroo has been well known around Leiden for over 100 years. You may also visit our store on Landwehr Haarlemmerstraat 162.